Taking up space

A lot of my lindy lessons end up paralleling life lessons. At last night's dance I was reminded of how important it is to take up space as a follower, really milking your movement and the present moment to fill out the time and space of the dance. This as opposed to "trying to get somewhere", namely trying to get to the end of the line where the lead has sent you. Another way of putting this would be to not think about moving positionally ("at the 5 of the swingout I should be here... by the 6 of a send out I should be there...") but rather feeling the movement presently.

This goes along with another thought of late which is that followers are really the movement and rhythm keepers of the dance, epsecially once it gets going. It's up to us to remind the partnership not to rush, not to try to get somewhere, but to simply be, in this movement, right now, and explore all it has to offer. By doing this we not only open up for spontaneous creativity, but we keep the "flow" of the dance going smoothly, allowing movement to seamlessly kaledeiscope across time.