Percussive Triples

As I progress in my dancing, I notice that a lot of improvement comes from relaxing and easing up in my movement. This is true of a lot of hobbies, including piano where as you get better and more familiar with material and technique, your body is more relaxed as you play. It makes sense that when we're drilling and trying out new challenging patters we tense up, and then as we figure things out we relax.

One place where tension is apparent is in my triple steps. I had this pointed out to me by an instructor who kindly put is as me having "percussive triples". Basically, my entire foot comes down hard and tense all at once. Instead, she suggested that I try to roll through my entire foot when I step.

I'm still working on this, but just trying it out on some slow songs and triple step drills, it is already making my movement feel so much more flowly, bouncy, and light. In fact, I've never felt such a "bounce" as when I've done this. I'm hoping to make it more consistent and second nature and have it smooth out my dancing as a whole.