Engaging Glutes - Tuck Turns, Swingouts (kinda)

Any time I figure out how to better engage my gluest in my lindy hop I get really excited. I know that to make my dancing more relaxed and durable, I need to use my glutes more, and they also give me the bent-over look I want. But I've found it surprisingly hard to figure out how to engage them. In another note I talk about how to engagement them in basic steps by relaxing your legs and "letting go" into the release. In this note, I want to talk about two other places I've been able to consciously engage them lately:

  1. Tuck turns: This happened for me at higher tempo, where tuck turns often serve as rather intense catches to regroup and redirect momentum. In my recent practices, these have mostly come after circles, so the circle-into-tuck-turn movement has a lot of energy. I was finding it hard to feel controlled and nimble in my ability to stop and redirect. What I cued in on today was that I could engage my glutes, particularly the outside glute in order to halt and redirect my movement more easily.

  2. Swingouts: The other location I was kind of able to engagment them today was at the end of the swingout (well, the 1 & 2 coming in from the end of a swingout). Again, this was at faster tempos so I really needed to move fast and found that by engagement my glutes I could get more of a boost in. I wasn't able to do it super smoothly or consitently but it seems like the right direction to go in.